Of all those about to take part in the delivery of your building project, only your architects will have a holistic understanding of the complete building reality.

Because realizing a building is a complicated process involving many people and much design co-ordination, consultant knowledge and construction expertise, it necessarily includes a number of stages of prepartory and approval work.

As your architect we manage all aspects of the realization process to provide the best possible building work's outcome.

The stages of work involved, and the scope of our services for each stage are generally as follows;

Feasibility Studies

Even prior to the purchase of your land, we provide advice on the suitability of the property for its purpose and the likely cost and outcome of development options.

Ask us about our property specific 'Realize Advisory' memos, which will inform you of the optimimal pathway to your project's approval, alert you to any hurdles that may lay ahead, and advise you of any necessary consultants and all likely costs.

Residential 'Realize Advisories' are only $500(+GST) - a small price for the knowledge and security gained - and are absorbed into the stage fee if you proceed to Schematic Design.

Fees for other advisories are available upon request.

Schematic (Concept) Design

The Schematic (Concept) Design phase involves the development of your list of requirements, called the project brief. Along with this brief we assess environmental constraints, a development timeline, costs and the relevant authority requirements to explore various ideas via roughly realized images and plans (known as schematic, sketch or concept designs).

Design Development and DA Application

Once the Schematic (Concept) Design has been developed to the point where it is agreed upon (ie. signed off), the proposal is developed more accurately so that a true representation of the proposal may be submitted, together with co-ordinated input by other consultants, to the relevant assessing authority (eg. council).

Contract Documentation

Once the authority has approved the development, a set of detailed construction drawings, specification and schedules are produced, co-ordinated with information from other consultants, suppliers, contractors and authorities to produce a full set of Construction Documents. These are used to gain building approval (called a Construction Certificate) and selection of a builder through a tendering process.

Builder Selection Process

There are many ways to introduce a builder to a project both publicly or privately. These range from advertising for EOI’s, negotiation with preselected contractors or to engage a builder known through the experience of previous work, all via an acceptable building cost price (or tender sum).

Contract Administration

Once the tender sum has been accepted and the building contract signed, we undertake, as your professional agent, to administer the building project to ensure the original design outcome is achieved for the best cost in the best time.


For more information in this process and for an indication of our general fee structure go to;