Sunning itself in sand dunes at the ocean’s edge, this house is comprised of 2 pavilions encircling a majestic Norfolk Island pine. The new 2 level eastern pavilion links to an upgraded 60’s beach shack by means of a raised timber walkway. Omniscient vistas to the Illawarra escarpment, Shellharbour beach and the Pacific Ocean reserve an environment of relaxation and contemplation.

Their new residence offers:

  • An eastern pavilion sun-drenched in style and space, embodying environmentally-sustainable design principles. The general Living area stretches the width of building at the first floor and the dynamic raked ceilings lifting towards the east maximise the views and ocean breezes. Bamboo flooring connects the Kitchen, Dining and Lounge areas. A secluded Terrace is set into the facade to protect against the tempests.
  • Concealed around the corner, the Master Bedroom worships the eastern ocean. It’s clever orientation filters the warmth of morning sunrises into the room via the private and protected Terrace. A spacious tiled Ensuite allows all the sumptuous enjoyment and relaxation of a hot bath whilst revealing views of the Illawarra Escarpment.
  • Below, the open space Entertainment room ground floor provides either direct access to the ocean fringe on the east or to the private courtyard between the two pavilions.
  • An elevated timber walkway connects the eastern pavilion with the revitalised and re-energised western pavilion (Living, Dining, Bedroom, and Deck). Below the walkway are timber decks that wrap around the pine connecting small private courts.

Neutral colours and simpatico finishes have been applied to concentrate the sensational natural setting of sea, sand and sky.