This newly revitalised hotel in Belrose nestles within its suburban setting, only rising to shout from its grand entry canary yellow walls that open like the beaks of a fledgling bird.

The new Hotel then presents:

  • A grand entry of yellow blade walls leads its patrons to the centrally located surfboard motif main bar, fuelling the Bistro, Lounge, and Public Bar creating the family friendly orientated atmosphere. Parents can directly watch their young at play whilst enjoying the company of friends and choice of casual meals served from the Bistro.
  • A spacious Lower Lounge that offers comfy large lounge seating set against stone hearths. Outdoor Terraces surrounding the Hotel perimeter to the west. The Terraces, protected by private Cabanas and stone clad planters furnished with either banquete seating or exclusive dining for the versatile clientele.
  • Abutting on the eastern fringe of the Hotel is a large free span internal space housing a Liquor Warehouse, which provides a great range of alcoholic beverages to the neighbourhood.

The hotel design intention is that of a beach vibe. Various coloured timber are used throughout the floor and joinery reflecting beach shacks and timber boardwalks. A neutral palate of wall coverings enhance the warmth and cleanness of the interiors. It is then the selected fabrics and patrons that draw in the youthful and changing colour within the space.