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Australian Building Codes Board: Handbook on Renewable Energy Now Available

Handbook on Renewable Energy Now Available The ABCB has produced an Information Handbook to raise awareness of the opportunities to use on-site renewable energy sources and reclaimed energy sources as part of complying with Volume One and Volume Two of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) The Handbook identifies a range of on-site renewable and reclaimed energy sources and discusses how they can be used for services such as domestic hot water, space heating and cooling, and swimming and spa pool heating. Some of these energy sources are specified in the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions, while...Continue Reading

So how much will your new house really cost? Get A Realize Advisory.

You've found the perfect piece of land. You recognize a once in a life time opportunity. You're filled with excitement over the thought of building your own house. Your chance to make a statement on life, beauty and where you fit within it. Yet you also need to be sure that you are not being emotionally distracted. That your heart is not ruling your head. That your land and your dreams are compatible. 'How do I...Continue Reading

Wollongong City Council advances draft Planning Proposal for lands in Helensburgh, Otford, Stanwell Tops

Wollongong City Council has voted to begin the rezoning process of 7(d) land in 16 precincts around Helensburgh, Otford & Stanwell Tops. For council's media release go to Continue Reading

Fees for Basix Certification of New Dwellings begins this week

The NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure will commence charging a fee for issuing a BASIX certificate for New Dwellings as of Friday 01 July 2011. Alterations and additions valued at more than $50,000 and swimming pools of 40,000 litres or more will also attract a BASIX certification fee as of 01 August 2011. The fee will vary for development types, and will range from $25 for residential alterations and additions to $50 for a new single dwelling when the online service...Continue Reading

A great way to keep all those loose ends together

The staff at Realize recently embraced a great way to keep our ideas, inspirations and things to do all together in one place, but where they are able to be shared by everyone and accessed wherever we are, via our desktops, mobile phones or iPads. This great product is Evernote, and it's comes free as an internet download. We recommend you check it out!! Continue Reading

The Architecture of Happiness-A Book Review

After telling us how Marcel Proust's novel 'In Search of Lost Time' can change our lives, contemporary philosopher Alain de Botton has moved on to let us know that our happiness, or the lack thereof, is influenced by the beauty of where we find ourselves, and that it is architecture’s task to stand as an eloquent reminder of our own potential. Of course, as architects, we already know this, but it is refreshing for the idea to be put by someone from outside...Continue Reading

Mirazoza and the Opera House

Terry and his family recently had a great day out when they visited the Sydney Opera House to experience Mirazozo, a luminarium walk-through installation or ‘participative sculpture’ made of translucent vinyl. Designed by Architects of Air and 'inspired by pure forms of geometry and nature, Islamic architecture and modern architectural innovators such as Buckminster Fuller and Frei Otto',  Mirazoza is 'a labyrinthine of tunnels and cavernous domes, in which visitors move in a medium of saturated and subtle colour...Continue Reading

'At Home' with Bill Bryson-A Review of his Latest Book

I love to read anything by Bill Bryson. He has a clean, simple, engaging style of writing, to which he adds an irresistible, slightly oddball wit, and an eagerness for displaying his own curiosity. From the diary of his adventures along the Appalachian trail (A Walk in the Woods) with his dysfunctional buddy Katz, his tales of travel around Europe (Neither Here or There)-again with Katz, the UK (Notes from a Small Island) and of course Australia (Downunder), to his  fascination and careful consideration of words and their derivation (Mother Tongue, Made in America), and his extensive dip into...Continue Reading

Big Changes for Accessibility in BCA 2011

The BCA for 2011 version of the BCA will include major additional requirements for Accessibility. Continue Reading