eTool LCA is a web-based energy and carbon assessment tool that uses a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method to evaluate both the 'embodied energy' and 'operational energy' of a building or development, thereby assisting in the design, construction and ongoing use of that building or facility.

We believe it is imperative to integrate sustainable strategies into the design process to provide a better result for our clients and for the planet.

We take an overall approach, as we believe good design should go hand in hand with all environmentally sustainable building strategies.

It is our aim in every instance to enhance the quality of any space, any building or lifestyle through this approach. We will take full advantage of your sites specific environment to maintain thermal comfort using ample natural light, building orientation, appropriate materials and well placed thermal mass.

The outcome will be a better designed building that has, and will continue to have, a minimal impact on our environment.

It will also have a positive future impact on your wallet.