Embedded in the bustle and hustle of high-rise residential apartments and commercial premises in Maroubra Junction, this elegant historic hotel delivers an avant-garde open-planned setting with unique luminous jewels (the glowing stones of the Bar and Bistro) casually placed within the jewellery box of the hotel itself.

The new revived Maroubra Junction Hotel boasts:

  • A new and separate main street entrance to the stylishly cool basement Function and Entertainment level within.
  • An escape from the busy main street into the bar and lounges where the informally open-planned public bar are set alight by the sparkle and twinkle of the inset jewels and the jewel box itself.
  • The calm emittance of natural light delineates the featured classic timber staircase, connecting the ground floor to the upper levels. Elevate yourself within the first floor formal eating area that unfolds out on an enticing open-air Terrace- a sanctuary to relax and enjoy a cold beverage whilst recapturing the days events.
  • On the upper level, an exclusive 5 star hotel accommodation suite.

Colours and finishes are appropriately blended to adapt and appreciate the heritage-listed appearance of this grand hotel, with the vivacity & swirl of it’s eastern suburbs address.