Imagine a 50’s single storey brick villa in leafy Oatley relinquishing its large expanse of backyard lawn for a covered open space with a focus on family...an extension for enjoying the extended family.

How does Realize achieve this for them?

  • With the original villa reconfigured to accommodate two sets of grandparents, the parents and the kids, the activity centre of the house is this new rear room; a ‘meeting’ room with expanse enough for all the inter-generational activities.
  • Set low around its perimeter, the new framed pergola structure barely breathes on its neighbours as it lifts the central meeting room into the sky - a hot chimney to vent all the heat of the family fireworks.
  • As you can imagine, there is a pool nearby to jump into to cool off & refresh.

Generated from a blend of hot chilli and cool taste the design and decor have all been chosen for their catalytic affect.