Respecting its location in one of the earliest sites of European settlement in Australia, this new restaurant in Harris Park reflects the rhythm and materials of the surrounding heritage cottages. The design rises above eclecticism with modern form and thought, creating a synthesis of old and new that is sympathetic to both 19th century development patterns and 21st century requirements.

The new restaurant building serves up:

  • An open floor plan of seating around a central kitchen and bar where diners can watch their menu choice assembled.
  • A verandah that connects the inner formalities with the alfresco dining experience against the liveliness of the street.
  • On the upper level an executive style apartment fitted with elegant fixtures and fittings. Slices in the roof design allow natural light to illuminate the interior.

Natural timber and corrugated steel form the skeletal frame, while a limited material palette is used to establish a relaxed and informal space to concentrate the family dining experience.